outrun by a fat man with a beard

Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis: Results have not been posted yet but I think I finished in something like 29 minutes (UPDATE: chip time was 28:46)  – a record for me! (When I say record, I mean in this lifetime. I’m one of those people who “used to run in high school” but then I quit running for a few years so I could focus my efforts solely on smoking and drinking. Ah, college…)

Breakfast was an english muffin with sun butter:

The race got started late, probably because people were still getting into costume and not bothering with trivial matters like lacing their shoes or lining up at the starting line. It was supposed to start at 8:15, but at five after, people were still pouring out of (and into) the state museum/registration area.

I know I’m not the first person to opine that wearing costumes for races makes you less of a runner, but I learned this weekend that you don’t set out on a “serious training run” with 3000 people dressed in full Santa Claus regalia.

me judging your costume

Hey, but I’m not a scrooge. I know its Christmas, and I’m all for anything that gets Indiana off its collective fat butt and out for some early morning exercise. And it was for a good cause!

Truth: after the initial fight to get past the starting line, I actually had a pretty good time. Despite trying my best to be sullen and grouchy, I had to crack a smile at the two nearly-naked guys wearing only brightly wrapped gift boxes strapped to their mid-sections. They were beating me — as was a heavyset runner in a Santa suit and beard…

Plus, I got a new jacket yesterday that has these awesome little hand pockets in the arms:

They were so effective my hands were actually sweating while the rest of me was still frozen. Win!

Breathing was actually a little hard. Not sure if its because I couldn’t feel my face or because the temperature was actually causing my lung doors to pucker and close, but I think if it had been just a tad warmer I might have shaved off a minute or so from my time. I have considered buying one of those arctic face masks, but then I see the aforementioned dudes wearing next to nothing in sub-freezing temps and I don’t wanna look like a pansy.

When I got home I enjoyed some oatmeal with pumpkin butter and a little too much soy milk. Still good.

And now its time for my reward bath…



3 thoughts on “outrun by a fat man with a beard

  1. I managed to skip on the smoking part of my life, but made up for it with some extra drinking and a good decade without any serious running.

    The only thing I have more trouble with than managing my temperature when running…is my diet.

    You seem to be getting it all together…nice run!!!!!

    • I can say without a doubt smoking was the stupidest thing I have ever done (and I’ve done a lot of stupid things!) I think a lot of ex-smokers hate it even more than people who never smoked…and have a lot less sympathy for those who “can’t” quit.

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