Getting stuff done

G’day Internet:

The Sunday run isn’t ’til 1 p.m. today to give the temperature a chance to get above freezing (fingers crossed!). So now I have all morning to get things done.

I went to the grocery store, got soup going in the slower cooker for lunch and had breakfast, all before 10 a.m.

And Wrigley helped me put away the groceries:

Our only Trader Joe’s is across town, near my office, so I have to limit my TJ runs to work days. The local Kroger is okaaaay. They have a itsy bitsy organic/natural/whateveryouwannnacallit foods section, but it is sooo overpriced! They have some of the same stuff at the store that they’ve got at TJs, but I’ll usually make two grocery trips a week, once during the weekend and once during the week at TJs just to stock up on all the cheap-o good stuff I can’t get at the grocery store – the family staples like wine, produce, greeting cards, nut butters, green chiles and hummus.

Although I have been wanting to try the Maranatha macadamia butter. Anyone tried it?

Also, the grocery store Mexican food section is weeeeak. Being a product of the southwest, I am very particular about my Mexican food! I’ve raved before about Hatch green chiles, which they now sell at TJs for only like, $.60 or $.70/each. They have a really good flavor and aroma, and they’re actually spicy. The grocery store just has the La Preferida brand of green chiles, which in my opinion aren’t as good – and they cost like $1.19!!! Highway robbery, I tell you. No preferido.

I’m doing Old Town soup again today – haven’t made it in months. I love throwing stuff in the crockpot. I do nothing and still get to take credit for a fantastic meal.

For breakfast I had another english muffin with nutella. I think I have a problem. I may need a nutella intervention before the holidays are over. Its beginning to affect my relationships. 😛

And I made a new juice: kiwi, pom and apple.

I wasn’t too careful and ended up getting a lot of the pom pulp and kiwi fur in the blender, so it was a bit chunky, but still good.

I’m pretty antsy since I would normally be running right now. I’m going to have to occupy myself otherwise until 1:00 without hitting the bottle. Sounds like a good time to curl up with some hot coffee and a book!

My weatherbug just ticked over to 31° – looks like we’re in good shape to hit freezing before noon!

Have a great Sunday – peace.

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