New shoes!

What did I tell you – when I set my mind on buying new shoes, I go out and I buy new shoes.

I did some shoe-searching (kind of like soul-searching, but more rewarding) through several cycles of running shoes – I went through Asics, Saucony, even Nike (shudder!) – before I discovered Pearl Izumi, and these shoes are my soul mate.

I can’t wait to hit the trails tomorrow and see how much grippier they are than my road shoes. I know I’m probably expecting a lot; they aren’t magic shoes, but I know they’ll in the very least be a hell of a lot better – and warmer – than what I wore yesterday…during the run we don’t speak of.

I also picked up some socks (shown above, on me), and some warmers and shot bloks while I was there:

I buy all my running gear at the Athlete’s Foot in Avon and the hand warmers were only a $1 each and the shot bloks were only $2. I can’t tell you how much they are at Dicks but I want to say they’re a lot more. (I don’t know, maybe not. Someone confirm?)

Anyhoo, about to have some dinner and wear my shoes around with my PJs all night cuz that’s how I roll.



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