Feeding frenzy

Well, I did it again. I went to the grocery store the day before a big holiday and I can only liken it to a group of starving, rogue sharks circling a harpooned seal. And that was just the parking lot.

I made it out alive – but just barely.

Luckily, after work I did something that everyone should do during the holidays: kicked off my shoes, hung out with a good friend and talked and talked. In this frenzy of the holidays, sometimes you just gotta sit back and remember why you’re here – to have friends and drink beer. 😉

I have a pretty good menu for our holiday guests, who are arriving tomorrow: banana bread and blueberry bread; spinach quiche; pumpkin pancakes; chicken enchilada casserole; posole; chinese takeout (family tradition) and a bunch of yummy little appetizers to make them forget I’m not actually serving three meals a day. Clever, me.

And I’m gonna cut it short tonight because I’ve got bread baking, maids a-milking and geese a-laying. (That last statement may or may not have been full of lies.)

I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick run and some crunches tomorrow between cleaning and cooking. (gah, I sound like a woman!)



2 thoughts on “Feeding frenzy

  1. I scheduled an off day running for tomorrow, but Monday and Friday are my normal rest days…so it really didn’t take too much planning. Going ANYWHERE other than a firing range the day before a holiday is just a bad idea. I ran on a treadmill today because I was afraid of getting hit by a car due to the Christmas Eve craziness out there.

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