Happy Holidays

Spending a wonderful day with the fam, food and lots of wine!

Got a new camera for Xmas, so you can expect lots and lots of pictures over the next few days..

For dinner I made Posole and jalapeno cornbread for my yankee in-laws. They loved it:

Then we sat by a raging fire:

And had a White Russian, which came out more of a brownish color:

Even Wrigley got a few gifts – a new blanket and some catnip toys. She was stoned all afternoon!

Tomorrow I’m going to have to think of a creative way to work off all the food I ate today. My bad ankle’s been hurting again for the first time in months; I’ve been spelling the alphabet with my foot all day to no avail. Hoping its not the new shoes or the trail running that is causing the discomfort but I may have to make some adjustments. All I’ve been doing lately is running and my common sense is telling me I am crapping out on the strength training. But I’m not going to think about it until tomorrow.

Peace out everyone –

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