A dodgy product demo: the Magic Bullet on the Southern Tier

Q: What do you get when you combine one Southern Tier Extra Pale Ale and three great new Christmas presents?

A: Me, in jammies, blending at 10:30 on a Saturday night and taking pictures of it.

I got one of the little Magic Bullet food blenders for Xmas – “as seen on TV” so I decided to try it out tonight, and take pictures with my awesome new camera.

I inadvertently used probably the hardest ingredients you could possibly stick in a blender: celery, carrots, half a beet, some ginger and half an apple…

Right off the bat, I screwed up and put too much stuff in there, so I had to empty out a little. (If you’re not me, common sense would tell you that you don’t wanna cram it full of food.)

Also, good tip: instructions say if you start it up and the blade won’t move, you should add some more liquid and try again. So I added a splash of cold water and some ice chips. After that I fired it up again it worked great:

It blended to a much finer, smoother consistency than this stuff does in my food blender and it was quick. It handles really easy too – if you need to give it a shake, you just take it off the base and shake it like a cocktail – much easier than trying to shake a giant blender jar.

Another cool thing is that you can drink it right out off the blending cup:

And it comes with all these other pieces for serving drinks, lids for storing and lids for shaking or steaming stuff in the microwave.

All in all, I think it combines the best worlds of preparing and serving drinks. I haven’t blended anything like guac or salsa yet, but I can tell it’ll work even better for that kind of stuff. Its a good size and strength for the casual user. Yes, you can buy a $300 juicer that will grind just about anything to a pulp and squeeze out every last drop of juice, but I think those are a little too serious for me just now. For my needs, this little guy is perfect.

And now my friends, if you’ll excuse me, I’m hoping there’s an ANTM marathon going on right now…


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