Don’t blog angry

So, its just been one of those days. Work, hormones and life all came at me at once. So instead of drowning myself in a gallon of cookie dough ice cream like any normal girl, I sat down and dashed out this blog post detailing all of the things I hate. Then I read back over it, and damn…there was just no need for that at all. Even if it was pretty funny, it was just all sorts of negative and made me sound like a bratty little kid.

So, now that I’m feeling marginally better, I can post a marginally more optimistic blog that won’t make you wanna kill yourself. (I’ll save that unposted rant for another day when I’m not feeling quite so forgiving.)

I got stood up by my running buds today so I ran a halfhearted six miles by myself – stayed on the main roads instead of going out on the trails. Being clumsy and having no sense of direction does not bode well for trail running alone.

When I got home I was exhausted, freezing and famished. I didn’t feel like cooking so I just whipped up a bloody mary and some guacamole and scarfed it on the couch.

Gah – that photo is embarrassing! My kitchen is a mess. We still have tons of candy, cookies and goodies leftover from the holidays so it looks really cluttered. Luckily we’re taking it ALL over to a NYE party tomorrow night. I can’t have that kind of stuff in the house – I don’t really like candy, but if its around, for some reason I can’t control myself and I have to eat it.

I’m excited to ring in the new year…I know, I know, January 1 is just a day, like any other day. You don’t have to wait for a new year to make changes. BUT I’m still looking forward to a symbolic new beginning because 2009 pretty much sucked.

And, because I’ve been such a debbie downer tonight, here is a cute baby bunny to cheer you up:


UPDATE 4/6/10: I’m sick of all you people finding my blog by searching for cute baby bunnies. This is what you get.


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