beware the gym on January 2

This is the day half the people in America decide they’re going to change their lives by going to the gym. Congratulations, godspeed, and, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m all for making positive changes in your life but knowing that they will, like they do every year, drop off after one month, just makes me despise them all the more for ruining my Saturday by crowding up the gym and not following the Rules of Etiquette like wiping your sweat off the equipment, letting others “work in” and not using your cell phone in the locker room. (I swear, it happens.)

I really can’t stand people. My husband is the same way. Activities that “normal” people enjoy like going to parades, shopping on Black Friday (or any day for that matter), going to the movies or walking into a crowded gym would evoke the same reaction in both of us – something just short of rage-induced nausea. This is why I love him: we hate all the same stuff. (Okay, I stole that line from Role Models but its true.)

I have to work out today. But its 7° outside so I reeeeeeeeally don’t want to go running. I think my running pants are only rated for 30° and above. I’m thinking I may just roll around on the floor for a while and call it exercise. If I can do enough crunches, legs lifts and pushups on the ball, maybe I won’t feel like a failure.

But first…breakfast.

Another decadent piece of banana bread with Nutella. There’s only one more slice left and I don’t know what I’m going to do when its gone. I know I can’t continue to eat banana bread as if were sprouted wheat bread but it is soooo good. I don’t usually bake. I like to saute, stew and stirfry – never been one for desserts and pastries, but I could definitely get into baking breads.

And now, before I get too comfortable, its time to go do something constructive. Happy Saturday – peace.

UPDATE: My husband ate the last slice of banana bread. I think he did it to save our marriage.


12 thoughts on “beware the gym on January 2

  1. I just switch my gym time to WAY EARLY. Even “hardcore” resolution setters can’t get themselves out of bed at 5:30 am…and it reminds me to get my *ss out of bed myself.

    By the time Valentine chocolates get passed out, the gym will be mine again.

    • you’re right. As long as everyone is making changes they’re not going to stick with, I can probably manage to get up an hour earlier for a couple months.

  2. I’m already counting the days until the resolutioners clear out of my fitness facilities. Today I spent an hour in an overpacked hot yoga room filled with sweating newbies clutching their first week trial passes. My own sweat is icky enough. The flinging sweat from the shirtless dude next to me is too gross for words. February, where art thou?

    • Ha! I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard hot yoga is pretty intense. Hopefully that first session made him barf and he spent the rest of the day vowing never to go back.

  3. My gym does a spring fitness challenge which I think is designed in part to keep them there…but OH MY GOD IS IT ANNOYING. And you can spot these people from a mile away. A mile which they can’t even run. ;p

    Also, people are the worst.

  4. So THAT’S what was going on at my gym on January 2nd? I’m kind of new to the whole gym experience. I’ve only been there a few months. It was a necessary thing after nearly killing myself trying to run through ice and snow last year. I have never seen so many people on the treadmills in all the months I’ve been going. I’m glad to know they’ll be gone soon.

    MTAE suggested I stop by here. Said I’d like it here. He was right 🙂

    • Ha! I feel your pain…I’m trying to go at odd times when only the die-hards are there, like 3 a.m.

      Thanks for reading! I’m a fan of MTAE too.

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