A day of firsts (and lasts)

Today I did two things I’ve never done before: ran 6 miles in single-digit temps and made almond milk from scratch.

Guess which one was more enjoyable?


Yes, I put on my big-girl pants (and then added a second layer of big-girl pants because it was 7°F outside) and I headed out to Eagle Creek to hit some very, very slick trails.

It was so cold the boogers in my nose were freezing. And when I inhaled, my tongue felt like it was freezing. After we finished, there was frost on our hats and shoulders and foreheads from the frozen sweat – it was at once horrible and invigorating. I loved it; I never want to do it again.

But at least it allowed me to eat pizza guilt-free for dinner tonight, and isn’t that really what its all about??

(Oh, and, my verdict on making your own almond milk: tasty, but not worth the hassle. It was really easy to blend, especially after soaking the almonds all night, but straining it through the cheesecloth was a pain in the butt.)


5 thoughts on “A day of firsts (and lasts)

  1. ooohhh…. snot freezing is so not cool. I get pissy when that happens just walking to my car. Because then it thaws after a minute and you’ve got a whole other problem on your hands… Yep- this is my intelligent blog post of the day.

  2. Frozen snot sucks harder than a cheap whore with a rich john. (Does that even make sense? It sounds funny in my own head.)

    Almond milk however? Does not suck. I give you credit for making your own! I saw a recipe for it and decided it would be something I’d never do because I’m simply not that motivated ;p

    • It WAS really good…so good in fact, that when I saw a can of mixed nuts in cabinet today I briefly considered throwing them in the blender…my husband stopped me just in time. That probably would have been a huge mistake.

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