I did a serious 6 mile trail run with the die-hards today – almost every inch was a layer of ice with a light dusting of snow on top. I was so afraid of dying I almost didn’t feel the cold. I think my friend Kate must have wings. We could not comprehend how she could just plummet down hill without seeming to even look at where she was stepping. It was ridicu-tarded.

My husband said I was nuts for going out and running in this weather, to which I responded, “EXTREEEEEAM!” and then screamed like a pterodactyl. You had to be there.

My stupid ankle was a bit stiff after all the craziness, so after peeling off my frozen wet running clothes (yes, they were both frozen AND wet at the same time), I sucked it up and iced my ankle for 20 minutes before sliding into a hot, hot bath that just did not seem hot enough.

But after crawling into a glass of wine and my leopard jammies, I am glad to say I’m finally warm!

But let’s rewind and talk about breakfast and lunch because honestly, I took some pictures and I just don’t want them to go to waste.

I brought an epic smoothie with me to work – my own almond milk with spinach, bananas and Super Green (TJs). I get a kick out of this because it tastes so good but looks disgusting. My husband only tried it because he’s color-blind and I didn’t tell him what was in it. Seriously. (If I ever have kids, I’ll probably make breast milk smoothies.)

For lunch I had a calorie fest with a big fat bowl of Indo peanut saute from Noodles & Co. Very good. They SAY it is spicy but this time it actually was – score! Awesome. And I think the guy who took my order was sweet on me because he gave me a free drink. Nice to know I can still be a charmer sometimes. (ha!)

Kay, gotta go, big day tomorrow – think of me!

Peace –


6 thoughts on “Thawing

  1. The wine, I would drink. The smoothie would be a challenge because it sounds just way too healthy and my body would probably rebel if there weren’t some sugar, salt and grease in it. Maybe some chocolate too. But you say it has banana, so I could be convinced. The noodle stuff looks amazing, and I may have to give that one a try for real.

  2. I tend to bring the spinach and/or kale, banana, almond milk based smoothies to work a lot. Particularly in the summer. The looks of horror I get are pretty funny.

    But really, if banana is in there you don’t taste the green!

    • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used kale other than to garnish the salad bar back when I used to wait tables. Is one or the other better for you? or pretty much the same?

      • Overall, I think they are pretty comparable. I started switching it up in part because I had heard that spinach could inhibit the absorption of certain minerals, but after reading further I found out that that is the case with dark leafy greens in general (thanks to oxalates, info here if you are curious: The plus with kale is that you can make kale chips, and those are surprisingly good, though hard to cook properly ;p

      • I should note that was just the first link I grabbed when I was looking for something about the effect of oxylates. My main issue is with iron absorption so I tend to do something with vitamin C when whenever I have dark greens.


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