day in food

I ate of lot of good food yesterday and the pictures came out smashing – so I thought I’d do a lazy “food blogger” post and just show ya what I ate. (That was a rip on food bloggers if you didn’t catch it.)

TJ’s Greek yogurt, Bear Naked granola, blueberries…

Mediterranean veggie sandwich from Panera Bread…mmm

Then I got all chefy last night with some tofu, hummus, spinach, goat cheese and hot sauce…pretty proud of myself, actually. I’m starting to develop this talent for just pulling random stuff out of the fridge and making something divine out of it.

Also – I went to an awesome beer tasting at Patrick’s Kitchen last night. It’s a new thing they’re doing called Thursdays With Tom. We sampled beers from the Stone Vertical Epic series and discussed them (ie geeked out about them). I’ll get some photos up tonight…


2 thoughts on “day in food

  1. I really need to just suck it up and learn how to cook tofu… so I can do that. I have no idea how a block of soy product can be so damn intimidating…

    • It is actually pretty easy – I usually just cook it on the stove with a little toasted sesame oil and sea salt (also threw some fresh rosemary on there last night). You can also bake it but I like it crispier on the outside…and of course a little hot sauce never hurts. Plus tofu is so CHEAP. At Trader Joe’s the package of extra firm tofu is only like $1.79.

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