Blister appeal

Oh, man.

I had SUCH a good run today in Eagle Creek. There was a lot more snow on the ground, but it was hard-packed and not slick at all – much better than the stuff we were wading through last week. I said last week that Kate had wings; today, it was me. I felt soooo amazing! We did six miles that included a run out across the reservoir AND THREE flights of stairs. But I actually had enough still left in me to run all-out during the last stretch. Today, I was just on.

Only problem is that I had the beginnings of a couple of blisters running on Lake Shore yesterday and then added to them today in the park. I debated slapping a picture of them right here on the blog, because they really are impressive. But my mom reads this blog and I don’t wanna gross her out. So, if you’re a sicko, click here to see my blisters.


I haven’t had many blisters in my life. I’m not exactly sure how I got these blisters, because my shoes are snug, my socks are thick and there wasn’t any slippage going on in there (actually, the one that slides is my other foot). But, there it is. Guess we’re just going to have to do the band-aid thing and see what happens.

And now I gotta cut it short tonight because my second favorite train wreck is on – American Idol auditions.


6 thoughts on “Blister appeal

  1. I watched this with my daughter while Mom and oldest boy were out doing some shopping…she was judging them on her own.

    Years of Army boots and construction boots have made my feet blister-proof…not visually appealing…but free of blisters.

    • ha! Yeah, I used to never wear shoes so my feet were like gorilla pads…guess they have softened in recent years. 😉

      BTW – who was the corpse sitting next to Randy??

  2. I saw the same train wreck.

    And now I want to be Posh Spice. The last thing I need is another obsession. But legit – new goal: become Posh Spice.

    Ok back to the train wreck. Now in progress.

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