Running on LSD

Good Morning Internet,

I had an awesome mini-vacation in Chicago this weekend that included a great food, great beer, a hockey game and a very brisk run on LSD (Lake Shore Drive. Bwahahaaa).

We stopped at Portillo’s in Merrillville – possibly the best hot dog joint in the world…

And, for those of you who think all hot dogs are just pork by-products (“lips and assholes”), I’ll have you know that Portillo’s dogs are steamed, all beef hot dogs; so, slightly more healthy – and MUCH better tasting – than your average dog.

Here’s the Blackhawks game we lost on Sunday night – boooo. But to be honest, I don’t follow hockey like I do baseball and football, so I had a BLAST and really wasn’t all that disappointed about the loss. (Sorry Hawks!)

And, after a night of beer drinking, I’m proud to say I got up at 8 a.m. and went running on the lakefront path! The friends we stayed with in Chicago live just a couple of blocks from Lake Shore so I pretty much just ran straight out of their apartment and hit the path. It was awesome.

I love the food in Chicago. It seems like there is a Greek diner on every corner – and I haven’t found one yet that didn’t have awesome food and outstanding coffee…

After the run we went to the Melrose Cafe and I had the Green Eggs and Ham – the “green” was basil…

Then I made hubby take me to Binny’s – the beer mecca of the midwest. They just have a lot of awesome stuff I can’t find in Indy.

I got:

They’re so pretty, I almost don’t want to drink them!

Today’s looking like a trail run in Eagle Creek. One of my heels has been sliding like crazy in my new trail shoes – just one! weirdy… – so I’m off to find an insert to keep that sucker cozy in there.

Have a great day –


8 thoughts on “Running on LSD

  1. ooohhh looks like you had fun! Sadly (or maybe it’s awesome?), I recognize the areas of Lincoln Park you were running in due to my habit of picking 5k’s that are all ran on that path… I really need to switch it up!

    And Binny’s is a place where dreams come true… amazing. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s definitely awesome and not sad – I’d run there all the time too if I could! Every time I go to Chicago I have a little too much “fun” and end up not running, so I MADE myself get up and go this time. πŸ˜‰

  3. When I went to Chicago this summer I purposely sought out Portillo’s. OH MY GOD….SO GOOD. I’m hungry just looking at that picture. That said, I’m debating running Chicago this fall, and all the food I could eat afterward is actually part of the draw…

    (Though the pizza I ate after NYCM this year was sadly, not nearly the best I’ve had down there, ;p)

  4. I will not debate that Portillo’s is good- but you guys like that one, you just HAVE to try one of the gourmet hot dog places- Chicago Dog House is soooo amazing! I had the “T-Frank”, which had avocado, bacon and cream cheese. Holy crap, I almost died…

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