the double blister special

I can’t remember the last time I ran three days in a row and felt this good – finally, all of these sub-freezing trail runs are starting to pay off. I have killed 18 miles this week and I don’t even feel like crap.


So tomorrow I’m not going to push my luck – time for a day of rest…and beer.

Next, blister update:

I tried some advice that I got from Kloé and slathered that puppy up with some Vaseline (both inside and outside of the sock, which sounded funny but makes sense if you think about it: smooshy and lubricated and decidedly friction-free.) I ran six miles on the double blister special, and yeah, it’s not looking any better, but it’s also not looking any worse, so I consider that a success. It doesn’t hurt at all right now, and I think after a rest day I should be ready to rock.

Since it looks much grosser tonight than it did last night (there is a marked lack of skin where there used to be skin), I will not grace this post with a picture. Sorry (or you’re welcome).

I will, however, grace you with a much prettier picture…tonight I whipped up a new twist on my old spinach favorite: this one had strawberries, golden raspberries, spinach and almond milk.

I thought the combination of green and red would make it an ugly brownish pink color but obviously the spinach won. Does the color of the juice/smoothie matter to anyone but me? Even if it tastes good, but it’s a disgusting color, I just don’t like it as much. But this one is a lovely emerald…and yummy to boot. Win!

And, I’m not sure what I’m having for dinner tonight but I sure hope it’s good because I’m fam.ished.


P.S. Is it wrong that I would be delighted to see those two best friends ripped apart by American Idol? And, is it possibly because they were annoying as all crap? Talk amongst yourselves…


5 thoughts on “the double blister special

  1. I was really hoping for a gross blister picture. I remember the getting my finger stuck in the door pictures I posted almost a year ago…that was some of my best work. My keys were in the front pocket of my jeans…on the side of the hand stuck in the door. It was an impossible situation.

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