roll me to bed

Yo! Happy Friday –

Yowza. Soooo full. I’ve had some great beer and food over the last two days but I can’t live like this! You’d think from reading this blog that I probably weigh 300 lbs. Okay, I don’t…yet. But I will if I keep this up. Following is a photo journal of all the calories I’ll be running off tomorrow…

Last night was another great Beer Geek Night at Pat’s – we tasted four of the Stone Brewing Anniversary beers – the 7th (made in 2003), 8th, 9th and 11th; then to keep it in the family, Tom also brought Stone’s Ruination, Double Bastard and another 06.06.06 Vertical Epic that we didn’t quite get around to.

Man, these beer’s were sooo good. I think the 8th Anniversary was my favorite, but I get them mixed up. These beers had so much flavor and complexity – it just kills me to think I spent all of my college years drinking Keystone in a can when I could have been drinking stuff like this (Okay, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it, but still…)

Everybody loves Patrick – his happiness is truly contagious!

And, yes, we all wore name tags because that’s how we roll.

And, this is a blurb from Stone about their Double Arrogant Bastard – it’s hysterical:

We also had this friggin’ awesome spinache-artichoke torta that was to.die.for. Seriously. The wee bit of discomfort I get from lactose (read: explosive diarrhea) was so worth it. This stuff is divine!

Then this morning I did an experiment in breakfast and played with my camera. Yeah. I seriously haven’t found anything that’s not good with Nutella. Once, my husband asked me if I’d ever considered dipping a banana in Nutella (he sometimes gets this look on his face that usually means he’s already done something and now he’s trying to get a feel for what my reaction will be). My reply was, “uh, yeah!” Is there any other WAY?

I did some grocery shopping on my lunch break and picked up a chicken wrap from Trader Joe’s, along with some goat cheese and…maple leaf cookies. Oh, bliss. I can’t even describe to you how good they are but you need to rush out and get some, like right now. They are the best cookies ever.

The wrap…meh, it was just okay. Not really that flavorful. I usually go nuts over everything I buy from TJs so it just kinda fell flat for me. The peanut sauce that came with it helped.

Then tonight I made some awesome fish tacos –

– two different kinds. They both had tilapia marinated and seasoned with jalapenos, garlic, olive oil and paprika; the one on the left had a slaw made with cabbage, red onion, mayo and greek yogurt. The guy on the right has goat cheese and the six-bean medley from TJs. Good stuff. The slaw taco was the better one in my opinion.

And I also had a little taste of this bad boy – Brew Dog’s Hardcore IPA. Went great with the tacos.

And now I’m off to bed so I can get up super early and run before doing volunteer stuff and then stopping by a Pampered Chef Party. I was hesitant to attend because it sounds too much like a tupperware party and that would just make me feel old and domesticated, but I’m told there will be booze, so I’m game.

Nighty night!


2 thoughts on “roll me to bed

  1. Oh man!!! I use to eat those all the time when I was little… They are like THE BEST cookies!!!!! Ok.. maybe I just got a bit over-excited about maple-leaf cookies, but I just hadn’t thought of them in years! Do they sell them in the states?

    • Maple Leaf Cookies are the devil! Yes, I found them at Trader Joe’s – first time I’ve ever seen them anywhere. My husband and I finished the box over the weekend and he told me never to buy them again! 😉

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