late night living room workout

It’s always nice to have an activity to do while you’re watching tv; since I can’t knit, I crunch.

Last night I was in dire need for a core workout because all week, I’ve been eating like a football player and drinking like a sailor (just kidding mom!)

Here’s what I did:

  • 60 crunches -Laying on floor with legs on ball. (or do twisting crunch to get obliques)
  • 60 crunches – Sitting on ball (or twisting ball crunch)
  • 60 Leg-lifts – holding ball with ankles (rotate hips sideways to get obliques)
  • 60 Pushups
  • Planks, 180 seconds in 20-second sets (make it harder by lifting one leg)
  • 60 crunches – Laying on floor, holding ball with ankles, legs bent at 90° angle (you can do twisting ball crunch for these too)

And yes, I drew the stick figures using MS Paint, but they do bear a striking resemblance.

I’ve been doing more crunches lately simply because I’ve been avoiding the gym and making up workouts to do at home. I don’t have the core strength yet to hold my back in alignment for a lot of the more advanced moves — there are crazy people out there who can practically do a hand-stand on TOP of a stability ball but I’d kill myself. I’d fall off the ball and crack my head open on the fireplace.

But the good news is that I’m not sore this morning. A few weeks ago, I did pretty much the same routine cut in half and it resulted in the inability to sit down or stand up without groaning.

And now I’m off to Eagle Creek for a run – later!


5 thoughts on “late night living room workout

  1. I applaud your MS paint skills. I will even refer to them as mad skillz.

    Even when I regularly did pilates and core work, I could never get the hand of fancy moves on the stability ball, though I never fell off entirely. But me trying to do core work remains a sight that is…um…better left unseen.

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