the lure of the trail

Evening blogsters,

I just had one of those “meh” runs today. Six miles, Eagle Creek, in reverse again, which I do NOT like. I’ve come to the conclusion that hills make me exhausted and irritable no matter where they fall during my run; if they’re at the beginning, I just have that much longer to be exhausted and irritable. I’m trying to tell myself that since I hate them so much, they must be good for me. It’s harder, so it’s better, right? Discuss.

Also, it’s been above freezing all week so the snow is melting, leaving in it’s wake a ton of slush and mud. I don’t know which is worse: seeing my life flash before my eyes as I plummet down an icy hill, or feeling each lumbering step catch hold in a glob of mud. Discuss.

My ankle wasn’t feeling too great this morning and I probably should have stayed off it, or done an easier road run, but it’s hard to resist the lure of the trail. So, in typical me fashion, I ignored my better sense and now I’m paying for it. (But really, people who don’t learn lessons the hard way are just boring, am I right? Discuss.)

I didn’t wrench it or twist it, thankfully, but it’s not feeling great right now. I’ve got my trusty ice pack wrapped around it and propped up on the PC tower and I’m going to do an easy road run tomorrow, no matter what. Pride be damned!

Moving on…I had another superb coffee with almond milk and a big bowl of granogurt (made up that up just now – score!)

Okey doke, time to go watch Idol…have a great night.


5 thoughts on “the lure of the trail

  1. I used to HATE hills… Then I spent the summer in Vermont – where really you’re lucky if you find half a mile flat – and somehow, they became my favorite part of my runs… maybe that’s why I picked the Mount Desert Island Marathon? I just find that they add so much variety and well you know… you can’t stop in the middle of a hill right? It’d be like if the hill defeated you… and then after the hill, it just seems so easy that it would be silly to give up… so that’s why I like hills 😉

  2. Running in the mud would blow… I had to hold off on one trail last year until well into Spring for that reason. At least with ice, you get the thrill of living on the edge a little… soooo just kidding. Maybe…

  3. I found after running a 5K on a hilly course this past weekend that running on hills is a necessary evil. I wasn’t fully prepared for hills and it cost me some time. Guess what I’ll be doing this week?

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