Asian Inspiration

Wow, Asian food again. Woo hoo. I don’t know what’s up with me but I’ve had a serious craving for Asian cuisine lately…

Last night, after that hell run I brought out the four-horsemen again -which is why this post probably looks a lot like an earlier post – but this time I switched out the muscat vinegar for my little ginger friend…

I also added some edamame this time – again, it was very good and I ate too much. (Thank goodness for running!)

Tonight I did another set of 270 crunches on the floor while watching Office Space on tv. (Side note: you don’t realize how much cursing is in that movie until it’s edited and they replace all the dirty words with nonsense: “Eat my eye.” Really?)

When I was done I rewarded myself with tempeh and broccoli with peanut sauce. Ohhhh bliss.

The peanut sauce is just garlic sauteed in peanut oil with soy sauce, hot chile pepper sauce, ground coriander, ginger, maple syrup, rice vinegar, peanut butter (or creamy almond butter in my case) and a little water. I like to give it a once over in the blender just to make it really smooth and creamy. Then I simmer it on the stove for a few minutes. So easy – the whole meal took only took about 15 minutes. (And that includes eating time! No, not really but almost. I scarfed it.)

Tomorrow I’m going to try to squeeze in a quick workout at the gym on my lunch break so I can go to Thursday Beer Geek Night guilt-free. I’m going to have to stop drinking beer every Thursday but it’s barley wine night and I feel it’s my duty to go drink it so I can report back to you. God, I’m dedicated.

Okay – go watch Idol now. Later!


3 thoughts on “Asian Inspiration

  1. I like the idea of blending the peanut sauce. Normally I just throw it in a pan to make mine…but blending it would allow met o funnel it down my throat. Which feels appropriate given how much I love peanut sauce.

  2. I like that you added edamame… I’m obsessed and will attempt to throw it into anything as to make the dish better…

    I’m sneaky like that.

    And I love that you have a regular beer night. I have wine night. And it’s always a quest to find the most delicious wine I can for as cheap as possible. And I kind of do that in the house… without socializing. Oh god, I really do have a problem…

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