personal worst

Howdy –

So, I started the day out on the wrong foot, got up on the wrong side of the bed, was having a bad a case of the Thursdays; you name it. BUT things have been getting progressively better, so I guess that’s okay.

I felt this incredible urge to get up at 6 a.m. and go running. So I get in my gear, kiss hubby and tell him I’m going for a run. (To which he responds, “you’re crazy” before rolling over and going back to sleep.)

Everything was fine until I stepped out of the house only to slide over a layer of black ice on the driveway and nearly kill myself.

Yeah, that’s right: we had freezing rain last night and I chose to get up and go running on the one day out of the entire year that my neighborhood is a skating rink.


I was determined to try to still run because I was already standing outside in my running gear at the butt-crack of dawn. I did not want to admit defeat by going back inside.

But…it was ridicu-tarded. An exercise in futility if there ever was one. I was somewhat able to run if I stayed in the middle of the road where passing cars had melted some of the ice, but every time a car came by I had to shuffle back to the side of the road. I was literally skating on pavement. I ended up doing three miles in about 45 minutes. PW.

I think the saddest part is that I felt so good. I just wanted to go all out and run my fastest, but I could hardly stand up. So I got up and wasted an hour of my day for a non-workout. Le suck.

Temperatures reached 33°F as I was driving to work (naturally!) and by the time I got in and got some coffee in me I was feeling better and my butt cheeks had finally begun to thaw.

I had my old standby for breakfast: English muffin – one half with almond butter and the other with nutella. Also ate a kiwi just to give my tastebuds some shock treatment.

By the way, I don’t like to peel kiwis. It’s just a hassle. I eat the fur and everything.

Now I’m taking a quick break to scarf down the Mideast Feast from Trader Joes, which I highly recommend — Falafel, Pita Bread, Hummus and Parsley/Cilantro Salad. I also threw in a couple of turkey meatballs that just looked good. Yep, that’s what I call a perfectly balanced meal, falafel and turkey meatballs.

If you can’t rely on falafel to brighten your day, then you should just call it quits right now.


9 thoughts on “personal worst

  1. I had a pretty bad fall too! Although I was just walking, I had my cello on my back (yeah, I’m a cellist! That’s what I do ;-)) and surely enough my feet start flying in all directions and the cello ends up about three feet away from me… on the ground!!!! (I’m having a musician moment here) anyways, I empathize! oh and I added 270 crunches to your already existing 270… I might go for a 1000 crunch challenge, cause I know you’d be up for it 🙂

    – Kloé

    • Aghhh, scary! I would rather run in a foot of snow than a quarter-inch of ice!

      P.S. I would definitely be up for 1000 crunches, and so would my tummy!

      • hmmm…. i think i like the sound of this challenge. I’m feeling softer than normal…

        And have we discussed my feelings towards Nutella? I think a light came down from heaven when I ate it for the first time…

      • I tried the Trader Joe’s version of nutella once but it just wasn’t as good…which means I have to make a special trip to the Other grocery store just to get it…it’s worth it though. Accept no hazel nut spread substitute!

      • It’s On!! Core Challenge 1000 crunches is up and ready! It’s such a great idea you had, before/after… feel free to send me your pics, and I’ll make a before/after gallery, for those who are willing to show their tummies to the world 😉

        – Kloé

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