ye olde barley wine night

Sighhhh…one of my favorite beer nights yet.

We tasted EIGHT barley wines including Old Foghorn, Old Crustacean, Old Ruffian and Old Guardian…picking up a theme here??

I actually took notes last night (hard core right??) We drank them in order of least ABV% to greatest — sorry they’re not in the same order as the photo. You’ll just have to play that game where you draw a line to the picture that matches the description. (You know, the game you played in Highlights Magazine every time you got your teeth cleaned.)

Anchor Steam – Old Foghorn – Purchased in 2005 or 2006 (no year on the bottle). Piney. Very sweet. Typical barley wine. Maple.

Avery – Hog Heaven – Purchased around 2005. Caramel. Pretty hoppy. Better than the Old Foghorn.

Sierra Nevada – Big Foot – 2004. Licorice. Taste keeps going. Mystery taste at the back of the mouth.

Great Divide – Old Ruffian – 2006ish. Citrusy. Less “back of throat” flavor. Smooth.

Three Floyds – Behemoth – 2009. Smooth, subtle flavor.

Bluegrass – Bearded Pat’s – 2006. Nice aroma. Hits you right up front. Tart. Bitter. Coffee. Tangy all the way down.

Stone – Old Guardian – 2007. The quintessential barley wine. Very balanced. Perfect. Nice front and back end flavor. High IBUs but not overwhelming.

Rogue- Old CrustaceanRich, red. Malty AND hoppy.

And – to make up for the beer drinking, I did another 270 crunches tonight (you’re going down guys!)

I was going to do a trail run in the morning but my ankle still feels kinda wonky so I’m going to try again for the neighborhood road run now that the ice has melted. But I’m going to sleep in good and late first.

Peace – goodnight!


4 thoughts on “ye olde barley wine night

  1. 1) I’m adding your domination to the Core Scoreboard 2) This beer tasting thing must move to Cleveland!!
    — Loved your picture on previous post! I have to say pretty impressive 😉

    – Kloe

    • thanks for keeping track! I’ll be sure to comment your scorecard page when I do more..

      And, yeah, the beer tasting night is fantastic. It’s grown from just a couple of us to quite a few. The owner, Patrick is a buddy of mine so I do some blogging for the restaurant and I admin their facebook fan page. The perk is that I get to hang out at a place I love with cool people!

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