In the woods there is no wind

Just got back from a five mile run that felt a lot harder than it should have.

I was expecting the nice, flat road run to be like a cake walk after all the trail running I’ve been doing lately, but I forgot about one thing: wind.

I was feeling a little stiff but I got into my groove after a couple of miles and was feeling pretty good until I had to turn around and come back. GAH. But running into a wall of wind the entire way home has to count for at least an extra mile, right?


Anyhoo, now I’m home, icing the ankle and I’m free to spend the rest of the day as I choose. (And I’m thinking I’ll choose to spend it horizontally with a beer in my hand.) Until now I’ve spent a lot of my free time at home trolling for jobs so it’s nice to be able to just relax when I get home instead of feeling like I’m on a mission. I’ll tell you what, LOOKING for a job is much harder than KEEPING a job.

Next order of business: hot coffee, hot bath and PJs. (And maybe some more crunches later if I’m feeling uber ambitious.)



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