almonds a gogo

Ew. It’s 49° outside – unheard of in Indy this time of year – but windy and raining. What to do, what to do. Do I put on a hat and windbreaker and suck it up? Or stay cozy and warm inside and maybe make up for it by doing some crunches?

Breakfast today was tea and oatmeal. I found a new tea at TJs this week – it’s a whole leaf cranberry green tea and it’s delicious. Just look at all the yummy junk in there:

And I whipped up a batch of steel cut oats – this time threw in some walnut chunks along with the almond butter and almond milk. (Jeez, I’m going to turn INTO a nut…too late.)


I guess I have some time to decide while the food digests.


6 thoughts on “almonds a gogo

  1. Seriously- 45 here! We had to walk in the rain last night after we left the bar and didn’t even make a fuss about it- I think we might have stood purposely for a while being like, “I love this weather. Think about what this would be if it were snow!” Then we got smart and realized we were cold and wet and got in the car and cranked the heat… oops

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