buzz kill

I read a blog today about how the Biggest Loser’s Jillian is pushing diet pills and weight loss supplements.

As a general rule, I don’t believe anything until I see it for myself, so I checked out her website (, and I’m sad to say it’s typical of every other weight loss supplement site – touting simple, fast, easy weight loss and rampant with search engine keywords designed to draw in sad, desperate people who are looking for a quick fix.


Let me say that I have always admired The Biggest Loser. I think it’s great that a show – that albeit shamelessly plugs brands – shows people that they have an alternative to death and/or gastric bypass.

So her website was really a disappointment to me. Weight loss is NOT “simple.” There is no “fat burner” or “quick start.” You exercise, eat smart and develop life long habits of health and wellness.

What really did it for me was this line on her website: “You look in the mirror… you see results… and you stay motivated.*”

And then when you scroll down to the small print at the very bottom of the page, you read: “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Translation: “You don’t necessarily see results in the mirror and you don’t necessarily stay motivated.”

Common sense tells us that anything quick and easy will not last. If you want something genuine you have to work for it, and Jillian, of all people show know that.

2 thoughts on “buzz kill

  1. I completely agree! It always makes me so mad when I see “… the EASY way”! There just is no such thing. You want something, you got to work for it –Want a six pack? it WON’T be easy (1000 crunches ;-)) Ha!

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