Cheaper than chicken

Hi, it’s cold again.

Last week I was tricking myself into thinking maybe winter was over – today was a brutal reminder that it is not even February yet.


All day, I told myself I was going to blow off the run and just go home and drink hot sake in a scalding tub but at the last minute I put on my big-girl pants and ventured out for a very cold and bumpy trail run.

There was a couple inches of snow on the ground and for some reason we seemed to hit every half-frozen swamp and creek bed in that entire park. I was feeling irritable to begin with, so tripping my way through fallen branches and frigid water did not help matters.

Surprisingly, my ankle held out and really doesn’t even hurt right now, despite landing perfectly wrong on the uneven ground at least a dozen times.

After the requisite scalding bath, I made what turned out to be some bomb-ass tofu and black bean tacos with shredded goat cheese.

I cooked the tofu in a little bit of grape seed oil – I think the grape seed really holds heat well and makes the tofu nice and crispy on the outside -and added some cayenne, cumin, pepper and a dash of sea salt. I never thought I’d say this, but I really think it was better than chicken – and cheaper!

Oh, and I drizzled a little bit of this stuff I picked up at TJs last week:

I swear we have at least five different kinds of hot sauce in the house right now.

Aaaaand, I think I’m going to be really cool and go get in bed at 9:30 p.m. I did a lame, half-ass stretch after the run and I’m pretty stiff – not to mention totally exhausted from a long day of pretending to work.

Peace, Love, Noogies!

Night –


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