Grand Cru 101

I seem to be having a case of the Fridays, which is why I opened a beer on a Wednesday…

This is the Beast Grand Cru by Avery:

Notice the very short, tulip-shaped tasting glass. It is the ideal vessel for this type of beer, which is best consumed in small doses.

It smells like a barley wine, but according to wikipedia, the term grand cru has been used for beers, especially in Belgium, to indicate a more elaborate version of a brand.

I’ll say.

Just look at it. It looks – and tastes- like rich molasses. Also a subtle tartness just underneath. Definitely hints of caramel in there too.

Seriously, drink at your own risk. Especially if you’re planning on doing crunches later…

Core challenge ends tomorrow – let’s all do 300 crunches tonight!

8 thoughts on “Grand Cru 101

  1. Mmmm… That looks so good. But here’s the deal: I’m off alcohol (even beer!!) for 25 remaining days (about 8 in).. I know, this sounds crazy, but it’s because I’m going on vacation… and there’s gonna be A LOT of margaritas 🙂 Can’t wait!!!! Ever had “La Fin du Monde” (Unibroue)?

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