Girls night


So, yeah I did not do any crunches last night which means that in order to hit 1000 by the deadline of midnight, I have to do at least 190 crunches right now!

Blah…okay, I’m going to do it. In just a minute…

I had a great girls night tonight – ran four miles with my buddy Kate and her two German Shepherds, Sierra and Luna.

We took a break from the rugged trails of Eagle Creek and hit the Monon, a nice paved road that stretches across about 15 miles of Indianapolis. Usually that trail is packed with runners and bikers and dog walkers, but this evening we were the only ones out there. Weirdy. Might have something to do with the fact that it was 10°F outside…

Then we shared bottle of wine and a pizza at Bazbeaux – which really is the BEST pizza in all of Indy – and gossiped for a couple hours.

Good times!

And now I’m off to get those crunches out of the way and then hop into bed. Tomorrow’s my last day of work – new job starts next Wednesday! I was able to swing a couple days off between gigs and this weekend we’re heading down south to a place called Perfect North to do a little skiing/snowboarding – woot, woot!

Life is good. 🙂


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