everything your body needs…

Morny –

First order of business today was a smoothie. Kiwi-strawberry-blueberry-banana.

I neglected my kiwis this week and they were getting a little soft. Good advice: whenever you have fruit that’s about to turn on you, just throw it all in a blender.

Yesterday was my last day of work! I start at the new gig next Wednesday…

The gang got together and gave me a really nice send-off. They brought breakfast for everyone in our department and then last night we all went over to my local watering hole, Booney’s. The place just opened and they have one of my favorite beers on tap – Bell’s Two Hearted. Good times…but now I’m paying for it. I didn’t get tanked or anything -only had two beers- but I didn’t drink any water — bad, bad, BAD! My brain feels like a dried-up sponge right now. Must rehydrate!

So now I’m chugging water and having a couple of Clif’s Shot Bloks with my smoothie – not only are they great for running but they also do the trick for hangovers too! All those yummy electrolytes…

I just texted KATE – hoping she will be up for a nice long run this morning. Hint, hint, Kate.

Then tomorrow the hub and I are off to hit the slopes! Being from New Mexico, I always thought it was kind of a joke that there are actually places to ski in Indiana – but it’s not that bad. They have a mix of real and man-made snow right now and all the runs are open. I can’t wait to get that board strapped to my feet!

In the meantime, maybe I’ll get started on Kloé’s latest torture challenge – a really brutal core + plyo workout. My upper body strength is really pathetic right now so this will be a great way to work all of me at once! Thanks Kloé!

Have a great day – peace!


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