never been happier to see the sunshine

‘lo –

Before we head out to Perfect North I’m debating a quick run in the neighborhood. Yes, it’s 10° outside and it doesn’t sound too fun but I ended up not running yesterday (Kate wanted to do a 9 mile trail run and I wussed out), so now I’m feeling guilty.

We probably won’t actually hit the slopes until tomorrow – I think today will just be a kick-it-at-the-lodge kind of day. Maybe some ‘tubing if we get really ambitious. So I need to do some physical activity before we leave.

Also, we’ll have this minty friend in a coat pocket – an essential for any winter getaway:

I know what you’re thinking: Peppermint Schnapps? Grossy! But try pouring a little into a cup of hot cocoa after skiing all day. You’ll thank me.

Yeah, then I realized I could see my reflection in the flask and things got out of hand:

I’m sure there are some metaphorical implications to this photo (just ask Candy Finnigan), but my old camera never would have taken a picture this clear — you’d just see the reflection from the flash and that’s it. (Mom, Dad, aren’t you glad I’m putting your Christmas gift to good use?!)

Moving right along…I did not sleep well last night.

We watched a French horror film called Martyrs, and it was unsettling, to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic movie. Wow. I’ve probably never been more impressed and disturbed at the same time, and I’ve watched a LOT of horror movies. A LOT. I was beginning to think they’re weren’t any more truly scary movies out there. There are scads of pop-culture splatter films like Saw and Hostel, nickednamed torture porns, but this movie went far beyond that of gratuitous hollywood gore. Some movies take you down one set of tracks only to suddenly switch directions on you. With this movie, as one blogger put it, “you look down and realize that the tracks have disappeared…”

I don’t want to tell you a lot in case you wanna see it for yourself (which I don’t recommend unless you’re extremely thick-skinned and into that type of thing), but I’ll just say that this film switched directions so many times I couldn’t even begin to guess what was going to happen next.

But yeah, never been happier to see the sunshine. Hubby was working the midnight shift, and he joked that I should watch the movie again after he left, and turn off all the lights and unlock all the doors just to make it that much scarier. Ha, funny. But I was by myself when I woke up around 5 a.m. and could NOT get back to sleep. Luckily I had my poor, defenseless kitty to protect me.

Core/Plyo Challenge update: 120 crunches yesterday and 20 PBs. MAN, those things are tough. (Hubby calls them suicides.) It doesn’t look that difficult on the surface, but I was out of breath and breaking a sweat after just a few of them! Awesome.

Have a great day everyone, peace!


2 thoughts on “never been happier to see the sunshine

  1. being as how we’re the drinkers of the bloggy world, it’s only appropriate that i mention that baileys also goes well in hot chocolate or coffee for trips such as yours as well… ha

    Have fun!!!

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