I could get used to this

Day 2 of unemployment: woo hooo! Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. I was just starting to enjoy being a lady of leisure

Snowboarding yesterday kicked my ass! I did pretty well — we did mostly the blues; one blue-black (a difficulty level that they seem to have invented since the last time I was on a ski slope. That makes me sound old: “hell, back in my day we only had three levels and we were grateful for ’em!”)


I only had one bad fall (along with many lesser falls). I was getting off the lift and fell backward, trapping the board underneath me. I had to release my front foot from the binding before I could get out of there and for several agonizing seconds, my knee was bent under me in a way that knees are not supposed to bend. But I iced it last night and it seems just fine today.

The rest of me is a little sore – been a while since I hit the slopes and some new muscles got tweaked yesterday that I apparently don’t use that often. But I’m pretty sure I burned about a jillion calories…and had a blast doing it.

Core/Plyo Challenge update:

Sunday: 150 crunches and 10 PBs
Today: 180 crunches and 10 more PBs.

A lot of work to do before Thursday — going to have to kick it into overdrive this week. 🙂

Now I’m off to do lady-of-leisure things like shopping and pretending to do some light housework.


10 thoughts on “I could get used to this

  1. so confession time: I’m from Québec (Canada) and I have never skied, or snowboard. I know right?? Anyways hopefully this year is going to be the turning point… About the challenge, I have lots of wok to do to 😉

    • HAHA! That’s okay, I’m from Texas and I never herded cattle…or something else you’re supposed to do in Texas.

      Um…but you do play hockey right???

      • Actually, no ( I know I’m not helping my case here ;-)) I know how to, but I’d be pretty bad… Anyhow, the CANADA team WILL win in the Olympics!!!

  2. Your fall sounds gloriously epic! 🙂 Good work… I would have done the same… twice.

    Good luck with the Core Challenge! It’s kicking my butt this week…

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