dessert for breakfast

So Kloé must have been reading my mind — I was griping about being sore and stiff yesterday and then I read up on her latest challenge – stretching! Wooooord.

So I tuned in for about 30 minutes of MTV’s Jersey Shore marathon this morning and I did just that (throwing in a few enthusiastic fist-pumps). I have a couple of tender spots on my left leg: my hamstring area and -after consulting an anatomy chart online- what I think is either the pectineus or brevis adductor (aka my groiny). It just feels like a band of tightness going across. Not comfy. So I focused on those areas. The hammies are easy to stretch but the groin muscles are a little bit trickier.

I don’t know jack about yoga, but I’ve picked up some of the basic poses, and the cobra, lunge and bound angle poses have proven great for stretching the groin muscles.

I’ve been meaning to start practicing yoga regularly, but there’s not a studio in my little town — the closest one is about 20 minutes away; and the ones that come highly recommended are all the way across town. I have come to despise the gym and I really don’t wanna go there anymore but I need to figure out what I’m going to do instead — and soon. Hubby and I only pay about $33/month total for our gym memberships, but that’s still $16.50 down the drain every month that I don’t go. Blah.

I made an uber decadent waffle for breakfast –I used lowfat greek yogurt, raw unsalted almond butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, banana and some blended almonds left over from the last time I made almond milk. It’s just the puree that you strain through the cheesecloth — instead of throwing it away I’ve been using it as a topping. I swear the waffle is under there somewhere…

And a nice, hot cup of coffee with almond milk…

We’re having a few friends over later on to watch the SB — since we hate the Colts, nobody in Indy wants to hang out with us today (!), so it’s going to be low-key. I picked up a couple of new beers and a quart of Patrick’s famous Brick Street Blond Chili — it has actually won awards and I can’t wait to gorge myself on it later.

Have a great day — go Saints!


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