moon over my (aching) hammy

First of all, I have to give a big up to my neighbor Butch for snow-blowing our driveway this morning. I think I’m going to bake him some cookies.

I ran five miles in the snow and now my left hamstring is killin’ me. Actually, it was a little tender before I ran and now it’s worse. (Though, on a lighter note, my ankle doesn’t hurt at all! Meh.)

Sidenote: There’s a dude in my neighborhood who I see running all the time. He’s middle-aged, a little thick, and pretty slow but he’s dedicated as hell. I didn’t even know where he lived until I ran past his house today while he was shoveling the driveway. He yelled to me, “good job!” and gave me a salute. It totally made my morning. Maybe I’ll make him cookies too. Health cookies, because he’s a runner.

Even though we got about 7 inches yesterday, the run wasn’t too too bad. There were a couple of deep drifts (and some 30 mph wind gusts, ick) but the plows came through last night so the snow was pretty packed down in most places and there was minimal ice.

I actually felt pretty good after running but I probably didn’t stretch enough and I’ve been getting progressively stiffer all night. I’ll probably close out the evening by icing my thigh in bed with a glass of wine.

And we’re supposed to get even more snow next week —

It’s supposed to start around 1 a.m. Monday, so my drive into work Tuesday should be just FANTASTIC.

And, just a few thoughts about the Super Bowl:

A) I hate the Colts;
B) I think it’s lame that the Super Bowl has turned into a platform for social commentary. I know some people are complaining it was unfair for CBS to reject the ManCrunch ad, and I’m inclined to agree, especially since they did choose to air FOTF’s Tebow pro-life ad, but if you’ve actually seen the ManCrunch ad, it’s just kind of silly and ridiculous. I just don’t think it’s meaningful enough to be a significant setback for the gay rights movement.

My theory? ManCrunch made an idiotic video on purpose. They knew CBS would reject the ad and the ensuing shitstorm combined with the “REJECTED” video going viral on the Internet would be much more effective (and cheaper) advertising than a Super Bowl ad could ever be. It’s almost too easy.

But what do I know.

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