food hangover


So I’m taking a break from eating — the stupid Super Bowl forced me to eat my way through a metric ton of melted cheese…it may not look special, but let me assure you: I make a damn fine batch of white cheddar queso.

Also scarfed a buttload of Pat’s famous blond chili…

and of course the mighty Dread was there to wash it all down!

So today I cleaned up my act and put the brakes on the eating binge..

Lunch was a handful of my favorite trek mix from TJs — the sweet and savory mix of vanilla and peanut better chips, nuts and cranberries.

And I made a really good batch of beet juice, with apple, ginger, celery and carrots.

So pretty!

I’m not trying to starve myself or anything, I just was not hungry at all today. I was stuffed to the gills with cheese and beer and it was a nice change to eat light and try to get back to that normal healthy balance. Some people say when they eat a lot it makes them feel even hungrier the next day, but I just felt fat and full. 🙂

I’m going to do my workout in front of the tv tonight — some light stretching, crunches and pushups. The hammy feels much better but my groiny is still killing me. I’m supposed to run tomorrow so fingers crossed this thing goes away on it’s own. I feel like I spent all of 2009 dealing with my sprained ankle, and I just don’t think I can cope with another injury this year.

And, sorry I’m not very interesting or witty tonight — I think the creative juices must have leaked out of my ears and pooled around my head in a sticky, congealed mess while I slept last night. Tomorrow will be better.



4 thoughts on “food hangover

  1. I was the same way- after that deep dish, I welcomed my salad leftovers yesterday! 🙂 At least you can tell my body tries to have healthy cravings every once in awhile… lol

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