Coming in Hot

When you’re running in a blizzard, it helps to listen to reggae — seriously, it’s all about attitude people. I may have looked like this:

…but in my head it was cool water, warm sand, hot sun…

I wasn’t going to run today, but I started feeling guilty because I got home from work and still had daylight to kill. So I got dressed and went for a little 5 miler in my ‘hood.

My entire attitude about running in cold weather has changed. I used to look at a blizzard as the perfect excuse to stay inside and be lazy; today I was gazing outside at those big fluffy white flakes coming down and I just wanted to be out there!

Sure, I regretted it as soon as I got about two miles in and turned a corner into a wall o’ wind. But that happy little fantasy moment was nice while it lasted.

I think this is the coldest weather I’ve ever gone running in. We did the Eagle Creek trails a couple of times in single digits, but the forest helps block most of the wind. I had icicles on my eyelashes and my thighs were pink — that can’t be good. I don’t think my running pants are rated for zero. (By the way, I think it’s kinda funny when the temperature is zero; there is, essentially, no temperature.)

Got home and made some sludge — kiwi, banana, blueberries and Very Green veg powder from TJs (which is probably what made it that disgusting poo-brown color). It was not the best smoothie I’ve ever made. I think the VG kind of ruined it. I wanted to just use kiwi and strawberries but the strawberries are in the fridge at my office. Meh…

About to go soak in a hot, hot tub — later!

(Blog Title: Peter Tosh, Coming in Hot)


15 thoughts on “Coming in Hot

  1. Oh man! Now I feel really guilty skipping my run. Way to get out there in the crud! I’m totally with you on loathing the gym…

  2. eh, don’t feel bad. I skipped my run on Sunday…It’s a shame the weather was so bad because I felt awesome — plenty of energy, wasn’t hurting anywhere. The blizzard just screwed me. 😉

  3. Reggae, huh? That would set an interesting pace for me… lol. Good job for hitting the road in the blizzard- you are apparently a superstar! Yea! 🙂

  4. I love running in the cold, but we get SO much ice here. Last year I had my husband insert these short little screws into the bottom of my shoes and they helped. (Might have been better off just buying some Yak Trax.) But we had such a long stretch of time where the ice was so bad, that I finally gave up and joined the gym this year. And surprisingly, I don’t mind the treadmill.

    • I love how passionate some treadmill vs. non-treadmill people are about the debate. it’s like the catholics vs. the protestants. I just tend get bored on the treadmill – at my gym there’s no sound and I get dizzy trying to read the closed captioning (plus I am clumsy) or there’s just nothing good on. But it’s definitely a great training tool that can save you from catching a cold and/or killing yourself out there on the ice. I worked on my form for several months on the treadmill — I am pidgeon-toed and have awful form so it helped me concentrate on my stride without worrying about what’s up ahead of me while I was staring at my feet!

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