enchiladas with a side of bitch

Why didn’t I go running tonight?

Is it:

A) enchiladas
B) wine
C) groin pull
D) al-qaeda

Yes, I think it might have something to do with the wine and the enchiladas…I came across the Bitch Grenache a few weeks ago and I just had to buy it. I usually tend to shy away from “novelty” wines, but it’s actually not that bad. (Okay, I’ve had $3 wines from Trader Joes that were better, but it’s not bad enough to pour down the sink. It kind of grows on you…like, after the third glass…)

Last night, I was uber motivated to go out and do good on my body; tonight I just want to wreck it! Weeee!

But seriously, that little muscle in my thigh is feeling weird tonight; it doesn’t hurt any more than it did yesterday, but something tells me I shouldn’t push my luck.

Plus, I think I’m doing Eagle Creek trails tomorrow with Kate (to angry runner: she is to me what your 19 year old running buddy is to you — we go where runners have no business trying to run; usually ice and tree branches are involved), and with 10+ inches of snow on the ground, it is going to be interesting.

But I digress…does anyone know how you even injure a groin muscle? (Aside from the obvious?) I was thinking about that spill I took when I was snowboarding two weekends ago, but it didn’t start hurting until several days after that. I just can’t figure out these phantom pains…

Anyhoo, I’m enjoying the hell out of a nice evening indoors. I think tonight will be the perfect night to do some stretching, some crunching, perhaps and some pushups; then call it a night.

Peace –


13 thoughts on “enchiladas with a side of bitch

  1. I maaaay have just emptied the last of my bottle of wine into my glass. but to be fair two other people had one or two glasses. I’m struggling with an injury myself, that I probably made worse by pushing it. So rest if you feel you need it!

    • ah, wine is always better with friends 🙂 And, you’re right about resting — hard to tell sometimes when to take a break and when to push. It’s a very delicate balance.

    • in all honesty I don’t think it’s a groin pull per se, but it does feel funny so I’m erring on the side of caution. And I don’t ever need an excuse to drink wine! 😉

  2. Point the first: Your title wins at life.

    Point the second: I hope you don’t get caught on a fence.

    Point the third: Groin pulls are a bitch. I think winter running has a tendency to amplify any little muscle weaknesses you may have, and if there is an uneven surface (ICE AND SNOW!!), its pretty easy to throw something off a bit.

    That said, I had a minor groin pull a couple years ago as the result of running fast on a road that was a bit torn up. I ended up taking like 4 days off and stretching a lot, which sucked since its HARD TO STRETCH THERE.

    • yaaaay. I need to win at something cuz I certainly don’t win races! lol.
      yeah – I remember you said something about those damn frozen foot prints in the sidewalk – they are a BITCH. so uneven surfaces = groin pull risk. Probably not the brightest idea that I’m going on a trail run today but hey, I never said I was smart.

  3. If I had seen those enchiladas, I wouldn’t haven’t been leaving for a run either…

    And I agree with novelty wines- they usually tend to suck. But I find myself being a little less judge-y because really, how fun is it to drink wine called “Bitch” or “Fat Bastard”?

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