that’s gonna leave a mark…


I have been consuming some good food and beer today…

Trader Joe’s cranberry maple nut granola with bananas, TJ’s almond butter and TJ’s lowfat Greek yogurt:

RUBEN from an awesome local deli, Mid Day (hey, at least I went with the Baked Lays):

Three Floyd’s Beer Tasting at Patrick’s Kitchen:

Okay, I didn’t drink ALL of those beers — I drank one sip(ish) from each bottle, and each was delicious and special in it’s own way.

Here they are, from left to right (all from Three Floyd’s Brewery in Munster, IN):

Gumball Head
Alpha King
Robert the Bruce
Pride & Joy
Fantabulous Resplendence
Broo Doo
Black Heart
Oat Goop
Apocalypse Cow

Sorry — I’m feeling lazy tonight and I don’t want to go to the trouble of telling you about each beer, but if you like beer even a little bit, check out 3 Floyds on Beer Advocate. Their Dreadnaught is perhaps one of the best beers on earth.

Luckily, I burned off ALL of those calories and more with a horrible snowy trail run. Seriously, I wanted to die. We didn’t so much run ON snow as we did THROUGH snow. Sometimes a little bit of snow was packed down by the cross country SKIERS that generally use these trails during the winter time, but a lot of it was two and three and four inches deep, if we were lucky. It was like running in sand.

In a way it was beautiful. The sun was shining. The snow and ice were glistening out on the reservoir and the forest was still and quiet and heavy with a fresh layer of powder….except that I was running in it.

I can’t WAIT to find out how I’m going to feel tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “that’s gonna leave a mark…

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