the accoutrements of sick


So this very nice lady in my office was sick last week and we all got it.

I’m so bummed. I reeeeally really wanted to go running today. I drank vats of green tea all day yesterday, went to bed early and popped some vita colds as soon as I woke up, but I just couldn’t make it. It really frustrates me because I pride myself on being someone who doesn’t get sick, and this is the second time this year I’ve come down with something I picked up at the office. Immune system fail.

Vita colds are these thingies my husband steals from his office — they are basically just packed full of astragalus, echinacea, elderberry, goldenseal, ligustrum, vitamin C and zinc.

I don’t know if they really work; to be honest I am a skeptic when it comes to…well, just about everything. (To be fair, I’m also skeptical of synthetic cold remedies like Tylenol). I’d rather just pour gallons of hot tea down my throat, stay away from stimulants and alcohol and sleep 12 hours a day while I wait it out.

What’s your favorite cold remedy? Eastern or Western? Natural or synthetic? How much cough syrup do you have to drink before you begin to hallucinate?


Fortunately (or unfortunately) I still have my appetite.

Last night we had BBQ chicken wraps with slaw and acorn squash (baked with a little butter and brown sugar.)

The wrap was supposed to have some veggies thrown in there too but I didn’t make my grocery trip this week so we went without. (I did happen to have carrots, lettuce, cabbage and onion for the slaw though!) No worries – dump a bunch of SBR on anything, and you’re golden.

To top it off, I’m still a little stiff from that hell run Thursday night, which I why I really needed to get out for a run today. My groiny held up surprisingly well, but I do have some minor aches, just due to tweaking those infrequently used plodding-through-the-snow muscles. I may do some light indoor exercise today (read: stretching in front of the tv) if I feel up to it later.

Alright, back to the couch. Peace out.


7 thoughts on “the accoutrements of sick

  1. Great post and sorry you are sick. I usually attack my cold with the spiciest soup I can make, and then bundle up and sweat it out. Great looking food pics BTW. 🙂 Happy running,

      • If you have recipes for those posted somewhere, I’d love to give them a try. Anything in those shades of greens and browns has to be good for you!

      • Sometime I’ll have to buckle down and start a recipes page — but the green one is my favorite. It’s just a sliced frozen banana, couple handfuls of spinach (or kale, or both) and almond milk. I also use a spoonful of the Very Green powdered veggies from Trader Joes – its in the vitamin aisle. I have found variations of this online. Another good one is blueberries, banana and almond milk. Aaaaand, if you like beets: try half a beet, apple, ginger, carrots and celery. 🙂

  2. It’s that time of year when I wake up every other day and wonder if I am going to get sick. So I load up Emergen-C drink mix and faithfully take an antioxidant supplement. I am convinced these help stave illness (even if it’s a mental thing). And of course I drink lots of fluids. Colds never hamper my appetite either; funny how that works. Feel better soon.

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