the road to hell is paved with chili garlic sauce

Hey folks,

So, it’s time to nut up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for all your sympathy comments — guess I’ve been hosting my own little pity party this week! You’ll be happy to know that’s all over now.

Today someone introduced me to mucinex and I’m never going back. It’s pretty heavy stuff — I actually had to sign a waiver and show ID at the drug store. But my cough has been much milder and I’m less congested. Oh, and I used the rest to whip up some crystal meth in my bathtub. Score!

I’ve been enjoying a lighter diet this week and I shed a couple of “sick” pounds; I’d actually like to keep that going and not gain it all back once I get better. (Novel idea, huh?) So I just had a little (okay medium-sized) snack for dinner of cheese and crackers with tofu.

I just sizzled the tofus in some grapeseed oil and added a new spicy friend I picked up yesterday — yeah, it’s HOT but it also has tons of flavor:

Then added spinach, goat cheese and triscuits and, voila! Dinner is served.

And I washed it down with a delicious icy cold beverage:

Okay, it’s just orange juice. I’m still sick, people! No worries — I’ll be boozing it up again in no time.

Alright — off to take a nice hot bath and go watch the Olympics in bed.


4 thoughts on “the road to hell is paved with chili garlic sauce

  1. Are you sure it was the mucinex that cleared your head and not the chili garlic sauce? Or maybe a combo? I bet you could just keep using the chili garlic sauce and save even MORE mucinex for the meth party in the bathroom… is it bad that’s my thought process?

  2. Glad you are feeling better! They way you feel about Mucinex is how I feel about Nasal Spray. Greatest day of my life when i discovered that baby. Chili garlic sauce sounds awesome.

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