mrs. soup nazi

Gah! I just realized I’m signed up for a 5 miler Saturday. Not going to be my best. Today’s Day 7 of no exercise whatsoever. I need to do a timed run though; it’s been a while.

Going to keep it short tonight as I’m playing nursey to a sick man (oh, and he’s also got a cold.)

I made anoooother great soup tonight — red chili chicken. I’m starting to feel like the Soup Nazi. (Except that I post all my recipes on the internet instead of hiding them in an armoire — but the day somebody starts paying me for ’em, all that’s going to change. Or if someone buys me a nice armoire.)

Now — time for more bed and more Olympics. Peace!

2 thoughts on “mrs. soup nazi

  1. Just think of those 7 days as resting your legs and you’ll smoke that 5 miler.

    And you were so right about your prediction of sharing that cold!

    Good luck in your race!

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