heavy metal morning


Well, I did not smoke that race this morning, but I finished it. It was really weird — I didn’t hurt, I was breathing alright and my feet felt good; I just had no power behind it at all. I probably wasn’t ready yet, but at least I got that first post-sick run out of the way.

Here’s how I fueled up yesterday. For breakfast, granola barf. Yogurt, almond butter, fruit and granola.

Then for dinner I had a hankering for quesadillas: (not as good as Kelly’s looked, but they were pretty good on short notice with no food in the fridge!): green chile, salsa, chicken, and shredded chipotle pepper cheese. We have a quesadilla maker we got as a wedding gift and it kicks ass…Oh, and no quesadilla is complete without casa de Maria’s home made guacamole…

Then, this morning (after sleeping in a little late) I made another bowl of GB for the road, threw all my gear in the car and headed out with some heavy metal cranked to get me all riled up!

So, I was definitely in the zone this morning, but someone forgot to tell my legs! Oh well. Next run coming up is possibly a 10k March 6 that I haven’t signed up for yet, and the Shamrock 4 Miler March 13.

Tonight is going to be a lazy night — I’m thinkin’ pasta with a bottle of Mondavi Pinot Noir (didn’t I tell you I’d be boozing it up again in no time?). The hubby is also finally on the road to recovery, you’ll be glad to know.

Have a great Saturday – peace!


9 thoughts on “heavy metal morning

  1. I am very jealous of your quesadilla maker, I want one so bad. Your presentation is much better than mine, mine all fell apart. Very much looking forward to an acceptable hour for my first glass of wine of the nigh.

  2. Just getting out there and having fun is what it’s all about! Well, that and the T-shirt.

    Now we’re going out for Mexican food this evening. Your fault with the quesadilla pic…

    • Prematurely, it seems. I had one glass and I could feel each sip sucking all the moisture out of my body. Had to switch back to water. Wine is good for so many things but hydrating ain’t one of ’em. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

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