the gift that keeps on giving

So I made a fantastic dinner tonight of blackened cajun salmon, basmati rice and perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts. Sooo good…

Everything was fine until about 15 minutes after we finished eating when I realized I could still taste the sprouts.

The weird after-taste was like, radiating out of my mouth. Is this why people hate Brussels sprouts? Uck.

I drank a glass of chocolate milk and brushed my teeth and I still feel like I’m tastin’ the sprouts. Rude!

Anyhoo, typical Monday. Blah. Me and the man are finally fully recovered but since today’s my usual rest day I went ahead and stretched the lazy out one more day. Tonight is dedicated solely to cuddling/Intervention/tormenting the cat.

Tomorrow it’s not supposed to rain or snow or sleet or aaanything so I’m looking forward to a nice leisurely run outside to see if I’ve gotten any of my mojo back.


7 thoughts on “the gift that keeps on giving

  1. The salmon looks awesome, but yeah, the sprouts…not so much. I was also traumatized by those growing up. I can still remember the gag reflex trying to get them down!

    • My husband said the same thing but he actually liked how I roasted them. I brushed them with oil and then used some sea salt and cayenne. But yeah — that after-taste was awful. I probably won’t be having them again any time soon.

  2. I think I might be the only person alive that loves brussel sprouts (certainly the only one in my family who does), and I am so excited to have a new way to cook them. Might have to buy some and make them tonight since they look so yummy in this picture.

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