breakfast all day

As much as I want to gripe and complain, today’s run was actually better than yesterday. So, okay.

I did about five miles again. When I stick to my neighborhood I always end up doing the same loop. I run until I hit this cul-de-sac about 2.5 miles out, then I turn around and head back.

It was windy and about 25° again but I had my face and ears covered so it wasn’t that bad. I’m still running ridiculously slow, but today, after a few miles I felt like I was getting warmed up instead of just trying not to stop. I think on Saturday I’ll try a longer run.

Also, I ate breakfast all day– maybe that’s the trick.

Peanut butter Puffins with some vanilla almond granola and almond milk.

Omelette! Turkey, green bell pepper, hot sauce, cheeeeese. My omelettes may not look that pretty, but if you like ’em overstuffed and burnt, I’m your girl.

I also skipped the coffee(s) today in favor of decaf teas: a chai, an earl gray and a vanilla rooibos with almond milk, and I can’t say my body really missed the caffeine all that much. I think I’m going to try to cut out the coffee at least a few days a week. I thought I was immune to caffeine but I could not go to sleep last night and I’m pretty sure that 2:30 p.m. coffee had something to do with it. I don’t know if there’s anything worse than feeling tired, wanting to sleep, knowing you have to wake up in a few hours, but laying awake in spite of it all.

And…that’s all the incoherent rambling I’m going to do for now — warm bed is calling my name.


5 thoughts on “breakfast all day

  1. I think your omelette looks delicious. I would eat it. I’m not very good at making them, I can never get the inside of the egg to cook before the outside burns, and then folding it over, just forget it!

    • this is the first winter I’ve actually run outside all season– it’s become kind of a pride thing with me. Makes me feel tougher.

      And, it’s all about having the right gear — if you can stay relatively warm and dry, it’s really not that bad. (No, it still sucks but having good gear does help! 😉 )

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