everyone looks like a terrorist in their passport photo

I had to get a new passport photo taken today — me and the man are going to Germany in September for our 5th anniversary! (We got engaged in Munich after attending the wedding of our dear friends, Lars and Sonja, in Hamburg.)

I snapped this photo of him at the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz, just a couple minutes before he proposed — which is why he looks all pissed like that. =)

Alas, my passport still has my maiden name on it, so I have to shell out another 75 bucks to get a new one.

Also, you aren’t allowed to smile in the photo anymore which makes me look 10x more like a terrorist than I would otherwise.

Me smiling:

Me not smiling:


On the way back to work I stopped by Jersey Mikes for a gargantuan tuna sandwich. I haven’t been there in ages and I don’t know why because their sandwiches are freakin’ awesome. (Way better, in my opinion than those weak-ass $5 foot-longs.)

At my old job, he always gave us free chips and a drink because my company did a lot of business with them. And I still got the freebies today, even though I told him I didn’t work there anymore — woot! I love you Jersey Mike!

The first half was so big and filling, I didn’t even need to eat the second half. (You know I ate it anyway.)

After work I headed out for a run with Kate — she’s the annoyingly fast running partner I always complain about, but, she mentioned something about beers afterward…

We ended up doing seven miles in an HOUR — awesome for me. (But just a stroll in the park for her, probs.)

It was The Perfect Run. We ran on the Monon, this beautiful paved running/cycling trail that goes through downtown and the north side of Indianapolis. There were a lot of trees to block the wind, and hardly anyone else was out there, so we had the whole trail to ourselves. Consider my mojo officially restored!

One of the things I love about Kate (aside from her unique ability to shift my ass into overdrive) is that she always invites me to stay for dinner. We had an awesome pasta with mushrooms, vodka sauce and goat parm, and a salad with romaine, tomatoes, red onions, balsamic and feta. (I took pictures but then I left my camera at her house — wahhhhh!)

We also had an awesome Merlot called Velvet Devil.


Again, took a great picture that you do not get to see. Boo.

I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get my camera back from her tomorrow. I feel like I’m missing a limb!

Oh well. To bed.

Peace –


4 thoughts on “everyone looks like a terrorist in their passport photo

  1. Your run sounds amazing! Way to go!

    And I don’t have a passport (yeah I know, bad Amy!) but my friend says they tell you not to smile? I don’t get it… because yeah, I would just look like an angry bitch they wouldn’t want on the plane anyways… ha

  2. You gotta work on your grooming skills 😉 I guess I can agree with the whole non-smiling passport thing. I mean these days you get molested at the airport only to have a screaming kid kick the back of your seat for X-number of hours. Can’t anyone enjoy their $10 airplane bloody mary and stale peanuts in peace?

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