I must stop eating the flesh of the dead (fruit, that is)


So I bought some of those dried chili mangos and white peaches at TJs and I have just been eating those suckers like popcorn all afternoon. Stop the maaaadness!


Lunch today was awwwwesome — TJs pesto wrap, trail mix and the aforementioned dried fruit.

Have I told you how I hate prunes? My husband loves them– I think just out of spite.

I don’t want you to think I’m averse to all dried fruits, though. It’s really just prunes. Oh, and raisins. (The prune’s underdeveloped fugly cousin!) Yeah, I know they’re just plums and grapes. Still, for some reason, ick.)

Last night was fun. The Crazies was pretty great! And I’ll just go off on a tangent here and talk about zombies for a quick minute.

For those of you who aren’t zombie movie aficionados like the man and I, there are a couple different types of zombies you should know about:

And I just have to rant about last night’s dinner and then I’ll move on and say something nice about tacos…

We bought these coupons online that were pretty awesome. We paid $2 for a $25 off coupon. For real! Good deal right? Only catch is it doesn’t include booze, and 20% gratuity is automatically added on.

So we order Bloody Marys because Charbonos has always had reeeeally good ones. But when we get them, they’re like, V8 juice. Blah. Not enough ice, too much mix, and you can tell they added the vodka last because it’s all floating at the top. They were a lesson in how not to make a cocktail. Worst bloody I’ve ever had.

Correction: worst $8.50 bloody I’ve ever had.

And, naturally the waitress didn’t come back to our table for like, 20 minutes, or even bother to ask how the drinks were so by the time we got our food we were kinda over it already and we didn’t feel like complaining.

Then, the food was great, but we had to ask for our waters to be refilled, and then we had to wait again for our check.

No, it wasn’t the world’s worst service, and normally, we don’t make a big deal. Hubby and I have both waited tables so we know what it’s like. When the service is lame, we just leave a mediocre tip and go on with our lives. (Alternatively, I have also been known to tip well over 20% when someone deserves it.)

But this time, the 20% was included, so there was no passive aggressive way for us to express our displeasure. The girl phoned it in on us, and still got a $12 tip. Not cool!

Okay, I’m done. Tacos are great, aren’t they?

Have a good night everybody – peace!

UPDATE: My husband would like for me to point out that in Night of the Living Dead, it was a biological incident that caused the zombie outbreak; however, the distinction that I wanted to make is that it was all dead people who rose, not just those who’d been bitten by other zombies. Thank you very much and goodbye.

9 thoughts on “I must stop eating the flesh of the dead (fruit, that is)

  1. I’m jealous. We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Idaho. They seem to have the coolest stuff. Next time you see Joe, please ask him to set up shop out our way!

    • I know what you mean! I was so psyched they had one when we moved here. It’s actually far, far away from my house but right down the street from my office. So I spend a lot of lunches at TJs! 😉

  2. was that a restaurant.com purchase? Love using that site!

    Sorry the service sucked. I’m a big believer that everyone should work at least a week in customer service to know what it’s like- and I have a hard time complaining, too. Unless they are really shitty. Which it sounds like she was…

  3. ha! yeah, she must have been new or something, that place usually has great service.

    about the coupon site – I think I linked to it the blog – restaurant.com 🙂

  4. Nothing is worse than an overpriced bad cocktail. Also, now I have the desire to watch all sorts of zombie movies. Just when I was getting over Paranormal Activity…

    • Ooooh, that was a good one too!!We rented it and watched a few weekends ago – my husband works overnight Fridays so right after we watched it, he left! Every noise I heard freaked me out. But I’d so watch it again. I love being scared!

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