CTT joins the new millenium


So we’ve joined the ranks of geeks and perverts and bought a webcam. So far, it’s incredibly stimulating…

Nah. Actually our friends in Germany told us we should sign up with skype so we could talk for free while we’re planning this trip. Yep, it’s almost too easy! Remember in Back to the Future 2, everybody had video phones and it was so rad? Well, we made it! Now, I want to hover. Somebody please get on that. kthanks.

What started out as a hoooorrible 5 mile run today actually ended on a high note. I knew as soon as I took a few steps that it wasn’t going to be a good run. My legs just didn’t want to go. I hurt for no reason. I felt like I had two left feet. It was awful.

I felt like the girl getting chased in Texas Chainsaw Massacre every horror movie ever made; the one who’s been beaten within inches of her life yet she’s somehow managed to get away and now she’s limp/running to the next town, all the while screaming, “he’ll kill us aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!” And the killer is walking, yet he’s gaining on her.

Yeah, that was me. (I really watch too many scary movies.)

But I started playing this little game where I sped up whenever a car drove by — just so I wouldn’t look quite as ridiculous. (I imagine the passing drivers are saying, “well, she can’t be in that much pain, she’s hardly moving!“)

So I sped up when I saw cars and then slowed back down as soon as they were out of sight. Lame, I know. But if you can’t cling to your last little shred of dignity, what can you cling to?

But then during the last half mile or so, I realized I’d sped up considerably (lady walking her dog), and then forgot to slow back down. So I hauled ass and killed it all the way home. Effortless! Light as a breeze! Frick– now that is how running is supposed to feel!

I celebrated with more fruit and trail mix, and the last of this Layer Cake Primitivo I got at TJs Friday. It is soooo good and it has a twist-off cap which I think actually helps preserve the wine better. I have one of those vacuum wine savers, but these work just as good. Aren’t you glad we’ve all gotten past turning up our noses at the twist-offs?

Tomorrow’s goal is anywhere from eight to 10 miles. (Hoping closer to eight honestly. I have a blister on my second toe that’s pretty tender right now!)



6 thoughts on “CTT joins the new millenium

  1. Ahahaha… this post made me crack up the entire way through… 🙂

    And I think I’m going to start using the “omg, he’s gonna kill us all” mentality when I’m running- it’s almost better than Phoebe running from her neighbor’s dog, Satan, in that one Friends episode…

    • aw shucks, thanks! My mom says I should have been a comedian or a greeting card writer because I love making people laugh!

      Loved that episode of Friends btw – she was always my favorite! I had a fire alarm incident a few weeks ago that made me feel like her! “Beep!” “Fire alarm??”

    • LOL! good, so it’s not just me! I’m so self conscious about the way I look when I run, and I’m pigeon-toed which doesn’t help. One night this little kid was like, “why are you running like that?” I almost told him I was handicapped.

  2. Oh, it’s so good to know I’m not the only one that worries that other people are looking at me while I run. And I have totally done the “Here comes a car! Look like you’re not dying!” thing.

    And as a relatively new runner, it’s good to know that even the die-hards like you battle with an uncooperative body now and then.

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