60 minute run, 90 minute IPA

Hooray for beer!

Relax, I ate a shot blok before I started drinking.

I did a fun run downtown tonight and got a tour of the city from a friend who lived in about a dozen trendy condos there before she settled down in the ‘burbs. I intended on doing a little more than six tonight but she had to get home and I got this weirdy pain in the back of my knee right there at the end, so we figured it was a good time to call it quits.

I’m pretty sure I need some new running shoes. These bad boys have taken me faithfully waaay past 500 miles – more like 1000, probs- so I know the end is nigh.

I went through the same feeling-crappy-legs-don’t-work phase for the first three miles or so before I worked out the kinks and started feeling good. Part of it I know, is needing new shoes, but I think I’m just not a good short-timer. It takes me that long to warm up anymore and I just have to suck it up and realize it’s going to feel better as long as I keep going! (Aside from those just plain awful days you have where every step gets worse.)

I didn’t take my camera tonight, because that is not how I roll (usually), but here are some of the landmarks we hit on our run:

Mass Ave. (source)

Historic Lockerbie (source)

Cultural trail (source)

War memorial stairs!! Woot! (source)

Veterans mall (source)

And if you’re thinking it looks a lot like DC, it does. Like, on purpose. (“The more you knoooow!” *shooting star*)

In other news, almond butter and bananas played an important role in my sustenance for the day. Breakfast was a nut butter-nanner-nutella sandwich that would have made Elvis cry:

And lunch was a yogurt-nanner-nut butter-granola bowl that probably would have made Elvis barf (you don’t wanna mix dairy with pills, trust me):

It looks small, but I probably munched on that thing for half an hour!

Tomorrow — track sprints at Butler! Weeeeee!


Seriously, I am way more excited about this than I should be. Especially since I just moaned about how I don’t do short distances. But I’m going to try! And afterwards, well, the Broad Ripple Brew Pup is practically within crawling distance. Just sayin’.

10 thoughts on “60 minute run, 90 minute IPA

  1. It’s more picturesque in the summer, when all those gorgeous pictures were taken. Today it was gray and wet with piles of mud and melting snow everywhere…but yeah, it was still pretty awesome. 🙂

  2. Hey Marie.

    First I love the headline at the top. And the title of this post is awesome. You know you can switch the numbers around when you’re feeling more motivated, like 90 or 120 min run…, you get the point.

    I was going to compliment you on your photos, but then I read carefully…

    Personally, I HATE running, but if you’re ever in Florida, you can run over and we’ll have a beer.

    Talk to you soon.

    • Yes, the food/beer photos are mine; the beautiful scenery photos I found in internet-land.

      Thanks for reading! I look forward to your beer reviews every day!

  3. I wouldn’t think dairy and pills would go well together! You know, I’d almost take up running if there’d be a guarantee a beer and/or pub would shortly follow. *Almost*

  4. I’ve been to Indy once and was all confused by the D.C. resemblance. I remember thinking “this HAS to be intentional…” but my hotel was so crappy it didn’t have wi fi and I forgot to google it. ;p At any rate, I like the downtown area there. AND…I saw Bernard Lagat at Qdoba there.

      • He was actually walking by and some people sitting out front said something to him and he stopped to chat. So he wasn’t eating anything, but seems like a really nice guy.

        Though I’ll tell you something fun:

        I waited tables at a place like 10 years ago that was a major sponsor of a road race that brought in some Kenyans. They ended up eating there like every night. The day before the race all the men had giant Buffalo Chicken Pizzas. And they did NOT want the fat free Italian on their salads. ;p

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