Evenin’ gangsters,

About to turn in early so I can get my beauty sleep for the 10k and the Liver Olympics tomorrow!

We did do sprints last night, but we had to drive around for half an hour before we found a decent place to run. Turns out, it’s track season and tracks teams all over the country are practicing on their tracks every afternoon. (I know right?! Rude.) So we finally found a long paved path on a side street next to a school and we used that.

The plan was to do 400s, but I vastly overestimated my ability to sprint. I really do not remember the last time I tried to run fast at all. We decided to do 100s and still, I feel like I narrowly escaped injury. I was so sore this morning I could hardly walk! Sheesh. But it was a good start — I’ll work my way up to 400s, I figure I should have it down cold by sometime next year.

Made a fantastic dinner tonight of tofu tacos, guac, slaw and merlot. ONE glass of wine and I was done though. Remember kids, it’s all about moderation.

Patch Block:

Tofu smiley:

Broc slaw!

That broccoli slaw was really good — I added some cabbage to it, then mixed it with some nonfat Greek yogurt, lite mayo, a little dry mustard, paprika, celery salt and a pinch of sugar. I love slaw. I could sit and eat a whole bowl of that stuff…

And, last, but certainly not least I got a few good shots at Pat’s last night, which was an homage to bocks. I learned that it’s customary to name a bock beer with a word that ends with ator, like, Perkulator, Bajuvator, Consecrator and Curator.

That’s Ralph(inator). We get along swimmingly. =)

I’ll be MIA tomorrow, probs. Race is at 8 a.m. and the bus for New Albany leaves from Sun King at noon and gets back around midnight. Time to see how good I am at pacing myself!



7 thoughts on “blogginator

    • thank you and thank you! The glass is from some place in New Mexico, where I grew up.

      Saw your Chicago post — think I’ve got some Portillos pics around here somewhere too. 🙂


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