CTT is on the bus

It’s official — after the 10k tomorrow I’ll be on the Hoosier Beer Geek bus to Gravity Head (a/k/a the Liver Olympics) at New Albanian! Yeah baby!

I snagged an extra ticket last night during a “networking session” at Patrick’s (photos to come!).

The trip is organized by Hoosier Beer Geek’s Knights of the Beer Roundtable — it’s an all-day bus trip to New Albany, Indiana to visit New Albanian Brewing Company.

We get lunch and a tour at New Albanian’s Bank Street Brewhouse before heading over to the Rich O’s Public House for the Gravity Head festivities.

In other news…I heard about a great running event that I am DEFINITELY taking part in this summer — it’s four laps around a track.

The catch: you have to drink a beer before each one. I’m told if you throw up, you must repeat your lap. Last year the winner finished in 7:19!! (Last place was somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.)

Should make for some great blog material but I’m told it’s rather secretive and I’m not supposed to talk about who actually organizes it. (The first rule of beer mile is that you do not talk about beer mile.)

Have a great day friends!


Quote of the day: “You’re either on the bus or off the bus.” -Ken Kesey


4 thoughts on “CTT is on the bus

  1. Haha that sounds like it would be awesome/tricky. When we used to have beer olympics in college one of the “events” was a downhill run and chug. Someone almost always threw up. I would totally do the beer mile.

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