wednesday, we meet again


I really have nothing to say tonight. I had an actually pretty decent five miler after work. Came home, poured another Raging Bitch and made a variation of the mystery soup. Now I’m eating, sipping and catching up on my trash blogs:

This has got to be the randomest fusion of food ever combined in one bowl.

It’s got:

leftover chicken, carrots and celery
jalapeno hot sauce (TJs)

And I had veggie stock and beef stock but NO chicken stock so I used that old throwback Campbell’s onion soup mix as my base. I usually only use that for dips and casseroles, but you know what? It wasn’t too bad actually. And if you factor in that dinner only took like, 10 minutes to prepare tonight, that makes it about 10x better.

And I just have to talk about the couscous again, because it’s so good! Light and fluffy and perfect. I don’t know if I’ll ever eat spaghetti again! (I will.)

Tomorrow: a very special brew is back on tap at my homeboy’s restaurant, Patrick’s Kitchen. And I’m not going to tell you what it is ’cause I don’t want anyone around here to find out and go drink it all before I can have some. =P (But if you guess I will tell you!)

I’m going to do a run first (or maybe some sprints) over on the north side, slap on some deodorant and then head over to Pat’s to partake in a little of the awesomeness. There’s also an Irish beer tasting going on tomorrow — should be good times.



5 thoughts on “wednesday, we meet again

  1. I make a lot of random mix-up bowls like that, too! They always turn out awesome for some reason. Maybe because you do these quick fixes when you’re hungry!

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