mediocre run + mind-blowing breakfast = breaking even

Running today was better! Still pain. Bleh. But I prepared this morning by popping an aleve, using the rolly stick on calf and quads and icing my shin on the drive downtown. (Okay I know you’re not supposed to ice it before you run but it made it FEEL better. So whatever.)

I listened to a little Vampire Mooose on the way down there:

That’s right, there’s three O’s. That’s how brutal they are.

Plus, there’s just something about heavy metal in Spanish that makes it sound that much heavier. Sorry, English!

Chip times aren’t posted yet but I think I finished in just under 40:00. I didn’t run this race last year because it was just a month after I sprained the living daylights out of my ankle, but I finished 2008’s Shamrock Run in 38:51. Kind of a bummer that I couldn’t beat it this year, but oh well. At least I know what I need to do to improve.

Breakfast however, was not a disappointment.

My buddy Susie and I both had the turkey/avocado/white cheddar omelette with cinnamon toast. I had their Sumatra coffee and a POM champagne cocktail. To.die.for.

Today I am finally getting a haircut, and we also have a skype date with our friends in Germany to start talking trip plans. It’s six hours later there, so we had to schedule a time when we’re both awake. (Love you Lars & Sonne!)

I cannot freaking WAIT to go back to Europe. It’s still six months off but we already bought Rick Steve’s Germany 2010. His series of travel books are really practical — they not only tell you about all the cool spots to visit (both touristy and off the beaten path) but also about the customs and etiquette, right down to tipping conventions and exchange rates. It’s also got a map complete with train/subway routes — very helpful last time when we had to leave Munich at 4 in the morning and take the train to the airport. =)

Now I’m off to soak in a hot bath — I know, I haven’t taken one yet; grossy. Have a great Saturday —


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