victory dance

What better beer to celebrate a race day than Victory??

I had a few choices in the fridge tonight — more RB (8.3% ABV); a 90 Minute (9% ABV); a Brian Boru Irish Red Ale (5.5% ABV); or a Victory V-Twelve (12%). Guess which one I had?

It’s pretty good. You can definitely taste all 12% of it — the high alcohol and makes it sweeter I think. Almost too sweet. I tasted lots of caramel. A little too malty for my taste. But it does have a certain zinginess. This is one that would probably have gotten better with age.

My advice to anyone with a V-12 in their possession: put in the dark somewhere, wait 4 years and then drink it. Let me know how it turns out.

Hubby requested my famous enchiladas tonight — I didn’t take pictures because if you read this blog with any kind of regularity, you’ve already seen my enchiladas.

One thing I had to do differently tonight, though, was make my own salsa (we were out!). I’ve done this before when caught in a pinch. I just used some peppers, onion, garlic, Rotel tomatoes, green chiles, a crapload of cilantro and a little garlic powder and celery salt.

And wouldn’t you know it? Mr. CTT said my ghetto enchiladas were the best batch yet. Weeee!

Tomorrow I’m supposed to attempt a long run. Most of my pain is gone now thanks to ice and the muscle massage stick (and the V-12). But one shin still hurts; if you’ve ever had shin splints you know it’s not something to screw around with. We’ll see what it feels like tomorrow and then Monday it will be time to make a decision about where to start doing my strength work. There’s an adorable little studio in Eagle Creek park overlooking the reservoir that’s probably my first choice. And in the summer they hold classes outside on the woods!

Have a great night — peace homies!


2 thoughts on “victory dance

  1. I have a V-12 in the garage, and it will NEVER last 4 years. But you probably picked the right beer for an after race celebration.

    They used to put the shin-splint babies on bikes during cross country season. Does that work? (I don’t know b/c that was not my sport)

    You are one active person!

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